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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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temperatures. good morning and thanks for waking up with news 19 this morningi'm deon guillory. your time now is 4:30...just how cold will it get...let's get a check of your forecast...with metoeroligst 3 efren afante... 3 3 chat 3
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3 we're just a 3 day away from the democratic primary here in the palmetto state. today former president bill clinton will be campaigning in aiken and blufton for his wife hillary clinton. their daughter, chlsea will be out at usc to rally support for mom as well. yesterday hillary clinton was at a rally in kingree...whe re she spoke about the need to
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go after them first through the internet stop them from recruting.i will do that 3 bill clinton was out in winnsboro last night campaigning for his wife. 3 clinton's compeition...bernie sanders will be in orangeburg today. he's expected to attend a rally and tour claflin university. the event is free and is open to the public..doors open at 3:30. he will also be at a get out the vote rally and concert this evening at the township auditorium. doors open at 4. yesterday, sanders was in ohio ... talking about his grassroots campaign at a rally
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baldwin wallace university. it's the second time the vermont senator visited the cleveland area since november. sanders said republicans are taking too many liberties with americans' rights. 3 to control her own body, i disagree3 clinton and sanders face off tomorrow in the south carolina primary. 3 super tuesday is just around the corner and republblan candidates are throwing everthing they have to voters. last night the presidential hopefuls took to the stage in texas in a fiery debate. c-b-s's omar villafranca has more on the showdown in houston. 3 ((narr-1))the two republican presidential candidates vying for second place turned their sights on frontrunner donald trump.... who fired right back.((sot exchange))rubio - "you're the only person on this stage who has ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects
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who's hired people. you haven't hired anybody!"((narr- 2))trump criticized ted cruz for having no support in the senate.((sot))trump not one senator is backing you...endorsement of none, should be ashamed of yourself.(//)cruz: if you want to be liked in washington, donald, that's not a good attribute for president.((stan dup bridge: omar villafranca, cbs news, houston)) 21:38:02 pipe 4this was the last gop debate before super tuesday, and depending on the outcome of those contests -- possibly the last time all five candidates 3 shared the stage.((narr-3))the lower-polling candidates took less contentious positions...ben carson on immigration:((sot carson))21:17:51 real compassion is proving people with a ladder of opportunity....and john kasich on religious liberty versus same-sex marriage:((sot kasich))21:30:43 if you're in the business of commerce, conduct commerce, and if you don't agree with their lifestyle, say a prayer for them when they leave."((narr))all five candidates vowed to repeal obamacare....but none provided specifics for an alternative.omar villafranca,
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3 3 cruz is counting on a win in his home state of texas - which has more than one-fourth of the delegates up for grabs on tuesday. 3 and for complete coverage of the democratic primary.... head to our website ... w-l-t-x dot com ... and click on sc primaries:full coverage..... under headlines.and tomorrow...we will be on the air bringing you all the results as they come in beginning at 7pm. 3 3 construction for the lower richland sewer system could begin as early as april. despite that, neighbors are still worried about the project and are hoping that their efforts will stop it. according to the richland county website, the proposed sewer would run from lower richland boulevard to eastover's water treatment plant.council says it's not mandatory for neighbors to tie
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free, they must apply before construction.while it's not mandatory, some say it's future fees that raise concern. 3 "that could be threatened if in fact the ability to get services like sewer and water is tied to the county's public system. so it does make a difference and who knows what that $4,000 will be 10 years from now.""you'll find people passionately for something and some passionately against it and this is one of those situations, but for the good of the lower richland community it's needed."3 neighbors don't have to tie into the system, but could in the future is chantes are made to their propery. 3 a large number of vultures...causing problems for people living in homes on fort jackson.... starting next week the base plans to start scaring vultures off with shotguns and lasers. but wildlife experts question the methods.jay coles with the carolina wildlife center says folks in that area need to make sure they are keeping
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the vultures can't get to it. jay coles: "the solution to that is to prevent the vultures from getting to the garbage, they'll go somewhere else to eat, vultures are motivated by food, it's their primary interest and as long as it's a food source there, they're going to hang around and any effort to run them off is only going to be short term until they resolve the food issue." 3 it is a federal offense to harm or even harass the birds. fort jackson is working with on the project. 3 a development group has plans for an outlet mall in cayce. e-b development added a page to its website and is calling the project the columbia capital outlets.the page mentions the benefits of the area which is currently owned by scana and is located right off interstate 77 where the 12th street exit meets saxe gotha stores are 19 reached out to development company who declined to comment...but we did talk to gregg pinner with the cayce and west columbia chamber of commerce. 3 it's still so early in the
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the early stages and something probably something that's not planned to be annouced at this particular time. 3 news 19 reached out to scana and the city of cayce.both also declined to comment. 3 3 happening today...single game tickets for the columbia fireflies first season will go on sale beginning at 9.tickcks are available at columbia fireflies dot com.the season will begin on april fourteenth at home at spirit communications park.the team is also promoting 25 fireworks shows throughout the season including opening night. 3 mayor steve benjamin and the american red cross are asking you to come to the sixth annual oop it upblood drive will begin at 7 am at the columbia metropolitan convention center on lincoln street.donors will receive a red cross t-shirt and a basketball stress reliever, to schedule an appointment, call 1-800-red
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3 tonight winter jam spectacular will play at colonial life arena.the seven p-m show is headlined by grammy award-winning duo king and country and grammy nominee matthew tickets are required for winter jam admission, but a $10 donation at the door is recommended. 3 and the columbia alumnae club of pi beta phi will distribute 20-thousand new books this weekend.beginning at 9, more than 200 students from kindergarten through fifth grade from logan elementary school will attend to select free books at rosewood baptist church in the gym.columbia mayor steve benjamin will also read to the children at 10:30 3 eating your way toward a better memory. the foods that make you, some big names added to the list of performers at the academy of county music awards. who's hitting the stage. 3 plus...winds have slowed and the sunshine is back. efren afante will let you know how
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will stick around.stay with us. change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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3 new video of 11th circuit solicitor donnie myers being arrested for dui has now been released. the dash cam video gives us a better picture of what led up to his arrest just 4 days ago. take a look.oh,
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holy (expletive)3 myers was released on bond far...myers has not issued a statement to the press about the incident. efforts to reach him have also
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3 the fallout from myers arrest was felt outside the place where he works...the lexington county judicial cetner. yesterday...a rally was held calling for myers to resign as solicitor.concerned residents....including parents of victims who lost a loved one to a drunk driver...say if myers doesnt quit...they will find someone to run against him. this is not his first encounter with the law, in 2005 he was pulled over in asheville and later pled to charges of driving while impared and having an open container. he was also charged 4 years ago in lexington county with having an open container. 3
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3 3 when we come back...a look into u-s-c women's basketball's strong performance against ole miss. and how brandon wilds is preparing for the n-f-l combine.your morning sports
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag
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they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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3 carrie underwood, kenny chesney, keith urban and florida - georgia line will perform at the 51st annual academy of country music awards.the awards show will air live from the mgm grand garden arena in las vegas on april 3 right here on wltx.the ceremony will be co-hosted by luke bryan and dierks bentley. singer-songwriter chris s stapleton leads the awards with seven nominations, followed by eric church and new singer cam with six nominations each.more performers will be announced in the coming weeks. 3 a problem in the sky near fort jackson.the plan to get rid of birds in the neighborhood. plus, an outlet mall could be
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coming up on news19 this morning...some richland county residents are concerned about a sewer sytem project coming to their neighborhood...hear what they had to say. 3 a new age threat is pushing the navy to teach sailors an old age method of
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3 and what food has got you addicted...that's in what's brewing...news19 this morning starts now. 3 3 good morning and thanks for waking up with us here on news19 this morning. i'm deon guillory and i'm savannah's friday and the skies are expected to be clear and full of sunshine...but we could be in for some cooler temperatures..let's get a check of the weather with efren afante..good 3 morning efren. 3


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